Thought I should probably do an introduction post as to how we became the Coonan’s and how we got to where we are today… so here it goes! Hopefully I don’t waffle on too much.

How We Met

I kind of giggle when people as me this question because we don’t have a standard “oh we met in school” or whatever answer. We are both from a small town in South East Queensland that is in the thick of the beef industry. Our mothers grew up as neighbours, best friends and later each other’s bridesmaids. My parents are my are sister-in-laws god parents. Also, three out of four of our grandparents cattle properties had shared boundaries at some stage.

So as you can see there was no ‘met, fell in love’ business – we just knew each other. In 2013 we re-connected via Facebook when I was working in a soil testing lab in Rockhampton and he was working for the Railway in Townsville. Good old Facebook for the win… we visited each other as often as we could and a couple months later decided one of us should make “The Move”.

My Move

So we decided that I would make the move from Rockhampton to Townsville as Tim had the better job. My parents were less then impressed to say the least but we were young and in love.

You never really know someone until you live with them and boy was it an eye opener. Tim and I lived very very different life styles and lets just say the local watering hole was a little close for comfort. I guess though you either want to make it work or you don’t. It was not always easy but we made it work (if anyone tells you the first two years of their relationship was easy they are liars).

The Engagement

In 2015 we were living onsite at a hotel I was helping manage and saving as much as we could to buy our own home to grow with each other and then a family. In February we jetted off to Thailand for our first overseas adventure together. Our first night there we went to the FantaSea Dinner and Show in the FantaSea Phuket Theme Park, we were exhausted (and I am a very grumpy tired person!)

Anyway, I just wanted to go to bed so started getting changed and he was like “can you put your clothes back on please”…. He had set up a lovely little spot on the stairs of the spa in our room with the buttons that were on the bed when we got there, he tried to get down on one knee and talk French to me but he never really got that far! How he managed to keep it a secret as long as he did still shocks me to this day.

Now not only were we planning a wedding but also planning on buy a house, and in December 2015 we moved into our first home together.

The Wedding

We got married on 21st May 2016, I was 24 and Tim was 29. We were living in Townsville at the time so decided to get married there where it would be easier to be hands on planning the wedding. Looking back we probably should have gotten married in Taroom closer to all of our family and friends, but being young and knowing all we did not. Read more here!

Our Move

In May 2017 Tim was asked to do some relief work in Cloncurry which ended up being an offer we couldn’t refuse. After two months of Tim working in Cloncurry and driving to Townsville (783km) on his days off to see me he got offered a contract in Cloncurry. The offer included a house and similar hours to his job in Townsville so we decided it would be better for us personally and financially to move.

As I was working for at a real estate at the time I listed our house for rent, started packing and cleaning up the house. I enlisted the help of one of Tim’s friends to help me get rid of some pebbles and the next days off Tim had he laid turf for an entire day. We planted flowers, veggies and made the house as homely as possible. We got our first tenants pretty fast and the removalist truck turned up in the nick of time, just a couple of days before they moved in.

When we were on our way to Cloncurry I remember getting five hours into the trip and having a break down that Tim was moving me to the middle of nowhere. Once we got to Cloncurry we had no home as of yet and we stayed with one of the other workers for almost a month before we got our own place and the removalist truck turned up. Within the first three days of being in our new town a contractor had put a machine through a fibreoptics cable and we had no phone service…. that put the cherry on top for me – I wanted to move back to Townsville.

Needless to say we ended up loving it here and don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon. Still the best move we have ever made.

Our Babies

In the first days of 2017 we found out we were having our first baby, we were over the moon to say the least. We started planning which room would be the babies, started thinking about names and what colour to paint the nursery.

Unfortunately a few weeks later everything changed… we had our first obstetricians appointment only to be told she could not find a heart beat. The baby was the perfect size of a eight week old fetus however just wasn’t with us anymore. This was one of the hardest things we have ever been through. It took its toll on my body, our minds and our relationship.

In July 2017 in the middle of getting ready to move to Cloncurry I found out I was pregnant again. This pregnancy resulted in our perfect little man Charlie. It was a nerve wrecking first few months… who am I kidding the entire pregnancy was nerve wrecking. Charlie was born on Wednesday 28th March 2018 and has been causing trouble ever since.

In January 2019 we got the shock of our lives that we were pregnant again. With a 9 month Charlie we were nervously excited. Now we are in our last month of this pregnancy and excited to meet our little girl.

Hopefully this gives you a little bit of insight into our family. I will touch more on some items more in the future.

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