So the last weekend in June we decided to “Go Go Go Go on an adventure” as Cat in a Hat would say. We piled in the car with an extra bum and drove three and a half hours to a remote property for the Saxby Round Up.

Saxby Round up is a massive four day event featuring campdrafting events for all ages, a rodeo as well as a gymkhana. Now never having gone to this event before we just assumed that the rodeo part would be on the Saturday night….. well we were wrong and we missed ninety percent of the events. We will know for next time that we need to get there earlier in the day to watch some campdrafting and the rodeo on the Saturday.

We left Cloncurry two hours later then we had planned…. for some reason our small human alarm did not go off. Tim played tetris to fit everything in the car and some things got left behind. We had a completely full car front to back… don’t think we really needed everything but we were prepared.

We started on our first leg and within minutes two hungover teenage girls and Charlie were asleep. Cloncurry to Julia Creek is an hour and a half drive so we stopped for breakfast at the Godier’s Cafe and Marketplace this is a must stop cafe if you are heading through Julia Creek any day of the week.

Our next leg was from Julia Creek to Saxby which is roughly 180km… if you are thinking of heading out be sure to fuel up, stock up on food, water and cash as there limited facilities out at Saxby (one food truck and no atm). So we headed back towards Cloncurry then turned down the Wills Development Road or “The Beef Road” heading north towards Burke and Wills Junction for roughly 19km (bye bye phone service). Next we turn right onto the Millungera/Taldora Road for roughly 155km of single lane sealed road and then 70km of dirt road. The road is well signed so you can not get lost. Considering the amount of water that went this area earlier this year the roads had been fixed and were an easy drive for the most part.

Once we found our way with a few arguments over if we were going in the right direction… We Got There!

Charlie was in his happy place being outside!

Charlie is the sort of little person that could be outside all day if you let him so he was completely in his element. He got to eat outside, he got to poop outside and he got to sleep outside. He was so impressed with camping. Our camp site had two views, the lagoon (partly dry) or the long drop.

We had a fantastic afternoon with no social media or service at all just chatting, listening and for those that could having a social drink. We popped over to the area to check out the stalls that were there. The Cloncurry Rodeo Saddle shop was there was well as a couple of food stalls and Gumnut Designz so I got to pick up some Ariat Cruisers I have been chasing for a while (the are the most comfortable shoes going). When we did head over in the late afternoon we got to see a couple of events before the sun went down, then unfortunately there was not enough light to continue. There was no lack of entertainment when the sun went down though, there was a bar, a talent show and live music which was fantastic.

Hopefully next time we attend with better sleeping arrangements this pregnant mumma struggled with the thin mattress of the swag and better timing to see more events. Definitely recommend that any pregnant mummies going on any sort of camping adventure to be smarter then me and pack and air mattress or a thick swag mattress so you will be comfortable. Charlie decided sleeping on the ground on a blanket was more his sleep and hardly moved for most of the night… he even had a sleep in.

The trip home was complete with snoring from the hungover in the back seat and a stop at Godier’s in Julia Creek again (where even Charlie was impressed by the food). A good time was had by all and we will definitely be back again in the coming years, maybe even have the kids compete.