Photo 1:

Expectation – such a gorgeous photo should be easy enough to recreate.

Reality – No, No it was not!

Still gorgeous – Postle Photography

Photo 2

Expectation – So beautiful what a well behaved child giving mummy a kiss.

Reality – Not me mum! Daddy’s face got smooshed.

How nice is that head piece and background though – Postle Photography

Photo 3

Expectation – Lovely bottom photo of the child looking mildly impressed with the idea of having a sibling.

Reality – Nope! Why am I here and what is all this fuss about! I want to be an only child! (2 seconds before he fell in love with the camera)

He is still cute even with his unimpressed face – Postle Photography

Photo 4

Expectation- a loving family moment – how gorgeous

Reality – Nope! I am done with getting my photo taken lets blow raspberries instead. Still a very loving and gorgeous moment that is very Charlie.

So Cheeky – Postle Photography

Photo 5

Expectation- beautiful round belly and all the hands in the right places

Reality – Where did the bottom of my belly go! Charlie why are you so heavy!

Wedding ring fit this time- Woot Woot – Postle Photography