My hospital bag this time around has given me the most anxiety this pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Charlie I had a lot more time to research and prepare before packing my bag. What I found with all my research was that I ended up with a bag full of things I didn’t need. So at 36 weeks pregnant I finally packed my bag ready for baby Coonan No.2.

Traveling for birth

If you are like me and are required to travel to have your baby, make your hospital bag and your travel bag separate. This may mean keeping your toiletry bag out to be taken to the hospital or buying travel size toiletries just for your hospital bag which is what I have done. Don’t forget to keep it simple!

Keep It Practical

Note to self: you do not need to take everything including the kitchen sink. Keep it simple and practical, what is going to be comfortable, what is going to be easy to feed in etc. Practical does not always mean fashionable. If the choice is between comfortable and fashionable please choose comfortable (even if it is hideous).

Hospital Nighties I made for myself!

Is make up practical? Now for some women the answer is definitely “yes!” For me the answer is no, not at all. If make up for essential and practical for you by all means pop some simple items in your hospital bag.

Don’t forget daddy

Depending on how you decide to birth it could be a very long day/night for not only you but also for daddy or birthing partner. So don’t forget to have a bag prepared for them too with some essentials to get them through the day.


Below is a link to a checklist to help you get your hospital bag together. There are also some extra lines in case there are particular things that you can’t live without. Hope this helps you get ready for your greatest adventure yet!

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