A lot has been happening in the Coonan household lately so I have not had a chance to post anything new… so here we go!


Currently I am 35 weeks pregnant and feeling as big as a house. We will find out next week when we can book in to have our little princess. Hopefully I will be able to keep it a secret…. it is not likely. This brings so many mixed emotions as Charlie is still so young and we are so unsure how he will react with a new small human taking some of his attention.

Our family has shrunk a little this week. After having Shania with us for roughly 8 months… my entire pregnancy she has left to start a new adventure. She gone country… well countrier! She is off to a cattle station two hours out of Richmond to help care for two small children as well as helping with gardening, cooking, cleaning and caring for small animals. We hope that we has the best experience possible and takes advantage of the fantastic opportunity she has been given.

This week Tim and Shania flew to Townsville get buy Shania a car then drove back all in one day (because that’s how we do things apparently). Wednesday we had a quick trip to Mount Isa for an emergency dentist appointment for Shania and some hospital bag shopping for myself.

We celebrated Shania’s 20th birthday Friday morning with a bag of dicks and some heart and dick confetti which I am sure I will be finding for months to come. Beautifully pork roast cooked by Tim for lunch as per her request. A nap for me then it was time for her to get going. There were tears from both sides and then she was gone.

Shania has changed and evolved so much in the last 8 months and it has been our absolute pleasure to be apart of her journey. We will miss her dearly and can not wait for her to come back to visit in the near future.


I have been over going to work for a while and missing out on Charlie. So a couple of weeks ago Tim and I decided I could finish at the end of August. When he agreed I don’t think he realised how close the end of August was.

My lovely manager was more then happy to let me finish as she knew how much pain I was in and all the struggles I had been having being pregnant. Turned out one of my friends was looking for full time work, she came to see us for an “interview” (I use this turn very loosely) on Tuesday and she took the job on the spot and started on Thursday.

One Friday I had my last work breakfast and that was that. I have now survived one whole week of being a stay at home mum, with Shania’s assistance. Next week will be the real test when I will be the only one caring for Charlie while Tim is at work. Send me strength for my pregnant body.


So if you follow me on Insta you will know I have had a mysterious pain again this pregnancy. Medical professionals jump to gall stones because of where the pain is (upper right abdomen) but nothing came up in the ultrasound. Although when the pain was at it’s worst my liver function was a little higher then normal but they were not overly concerned.

They think it could be a lack of space thing, late pregnancy aggravating my organs or even a food intolerance. It is always hard to tell with pregnancy… if you are like me and short you are probably always uncomfortable like me. I will keep you posted if anything pops up in any of their tests.

Well I think that is everything up to date over the last couple of weeks and where we are at. Shania has left for now, I am no longer working, we had a little baby shower and we find out when we can have bub next week. I will hopefully have more regular posts once I get into the routine of being home. There is also be a wardrobe update coming soon.