Now I know what you’re thinking… Why are you married then? Well here is the thing I only “hate” him when I am pregnant!

Lately I have been feeling very “GRRR” towards my husband. The man that gave me my son and his soon to be sibling. The man that has no problem scrubbing vomit out of the carpet while I shower our son for the second time in an hour. The man that never hesitates to do the laundry, cook dinner or clean the floors.

Yes, I hear you – what am I complaining about? He is perfect!

Well yes he goes alright he just does not understand a pregnant women! As I am sure you already know being pregnant gives you a completely different personality….. and if you didn’t know that you do now and good luck!

Non-pregnant me is am a cold frog and he loves the bedroom freezing. Pregnant me is as warm as a walrus (for lack of a better term) both in temperature and how I feel in size. Cuddling is a no go zone.

Non-pregnant me is organised and knows I need to give him two hours to get ready to go out, because half of that time is him shitting and showering. Pregnant me is screaming through the bathroom door (because how on earth does it take a man longer to get ready then the pregnant women who can barely put on pants?)!

Non-pregnant me is relatively level headed and knows when he is tired and cranky from night shift to ignore the snarly comments he makes… lets face it no one is a nice person on a little amount of sleep. Pregnant me…. THATS IT IM PACKING MY BAGS AND LEAVING YOU! for asking if I can cook something dinner so he can have it for lunch the next day.

Non-pregnant me is ok with her body and knows I could use to loose a little bit of weight but has some chocolate and pasta anyway. Pregnant me starts ugly crying because my shirt won’t button up and he smiled at my belly poking out.

Non-pregnant me is ok with him binge watching The walking dead or Fear the walking dead or whatever it is now, because he works long hours and deserves to have some down time. Pregnant and with a toddler me…. WHY ARE YOU THE ONLY ONE THAT GETS TO WATCH ANYTHING ON TV… OUR CHILD SHOULD NOT BE WATCHING THIS TURN IT OFF!

Non-pregnant me is rational and knows that it is perfectly ok for him not to get me an anniversary present when times are tight. Pregnant me is passive aggressively plotting his death because he didn’t buy me the god damn shoes we discussed for my anniversary present.

Pregnancy is hard on the body and on the mind… sometimes I think harder on the mind. I laugh when people say “ohh they just are just having a baby to stay together” please if anything a pregnancy and new born baby would destroy a struggling relationship. If you can get through a pregnancy or worse a very hard pregnancy and a new born that never sleeps I am pretty sure you can get through just about anything.

Guys, we don’t mean to be on the verge of psychotic while we are pregnant and we do still love you honest… you’re just extremely annoying. It’s not that you are more annoying when we are pregnant it is just that we have a much lower tolerance for your bullshit.

If you are struggling with pregnancy and your mood or body changes or anything for that matter during pregnancy please reach out and see your midwife, tell her how you are feeling it could make all the difference.