It is always so exciting getting ready for a new baby… I have been extra excited to make girl clothes as there is so much more variety then when I was making things for Charlie. This is what I have got so far… I will do an update just before bub is born as well.

So of course I have bought a few things mostly just the essentials, and a couple of bonds suits… but that is not as exciting as making my own!

Item One: Nappy Cover

I use the Tadah Patterns Nappy Cover pattern, it is simple to follow and great for beginners. I personally am not a fan of ruffles (because I burn myself every time when I am trying to flatten them out). Ruffles are so cute though. The pattern comes in a PDF version for you can print and stick together yourself and if you destroy it you can print it again. Nappy Covers are so practical and can be paired with anything.

Item two: Marlee 0-3 Months Top

The Marlee Top by Violette Field Threads (also a PDF pattern) is just so sweet! I did have a bit of a problem with the bodice because I did such a small size but I think that comes with practice. There are also some great videos available on their website and just on YouTube, which is amazing. I will definitely be making more of these for my summer baby.

Item Three: Brooklyn 0-3 Months – Skirt Option

The Brooklyn also by Violette Field Threads is such an easy sew. There are so many options, shorts, pants or a skirt plus different types of bodices to choose from. I think I will be making a few different ones all mixed and matched. Such a versatile pattern can easily go from a summer outfit to a winter outfit with just a change of shirt and some tights underneath.

Item Four: Brooklyn 3-6 Months – Skirt Option

So same beautiful easy to follow pattern just a bigger size and different fabric. If you are looking for some gorgeous different fabrics that are high quality jump on The Material Girl Australia they do most pre-orders and are worth every penny!

Item Five: Seaside Dress 0-3 Months – Sleeve Option

If you a super time poor but really want to make your little girl something or even matching outfits…. This Is The Pattern For You!! The Seaside Dress and Top Pattern by Tadah Patterns is the quickest and easiest sew going. You could make one or more (depending on how fast and prepared you are) in a single nap time. It is just so sweet and has so many different styles available. This one is the Seaside Dress with sleeves plus a Sol dress for mummy to match.

Item Six: Seaside Top 3-6 Months – Ruffles Sleeve Option

Another Seaside this time on a top length with flutter sleeves. I can not stress enough how quick and easy his pattern is. If dresses do not suit your style there is also a Seaside Playsuit version available.

I am so in love with everything I have made so far… the only thing I am sad about is there has not been enough left over fabric to make Charlie something or to create matching accessories. Most of my fabric I have either bought off detash facebook pages or have gotten from my mum or spotlight.

I have an extremely basic sewing machine, overlocker and no over the top fancy equipment. If you are thinking of starting sewing or used to sew but haven’t in years there is no time like the present to give it a crack. I might even do some sew-a-longs so we can make some things together. Let me know what you think!