After having two babies in two years my body is not what it once was. I have stretch marks and extra jiggly bits that were not there before. They definitely were not there when I first met my husband. I accept my new body type but I am less then happy with it.

I want to be proud of my body. I want my husband and children to be proud of their mummy and wife. I want to be able to keep up with my kids as they grow and become more active. I want to increase my health, well being and fitness not just loose weight.

So… I have made the decision to change… and I am going to tell you what I am doing to make changes. You will be with me each step of the way through every weigh in, work outs and meal.

I know what your thinking just embrace my new mum figure…. but you know what, why should I just settle?! When I can be more!


I don’t want to use the word “diet” as there is such negative association with that word. The nutritional plan that I am using is based on the “Keto Diet” which for those of you that don’t already know it is high fat and low carb. I am sure most have you have heard of Keto or the similar Atkins diet.

According to Diet Doctor “The “keto” in a ketogenic diet comes from the fact that it allows the body to produce small fuel molecules called “ketones.” This is an alternative fuel source for the body, used when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply.” ( Basically your body works by burning fat instead of carbs.

My daily meals consist of 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. The easiest way to keep track of this is via macros, using a macros calculator (I used ). My macros for my age weight and height are, 183.3 grams of fat, 110 grams of protein and 27.5 grams of carbs. As I am breastfeeding Millie I do require more carbs and a minimum of 1800-2200 calories to keep up my milk supply.

Keto is not for everyone and I would recommend consulting your doctor before making any huge changes to your nutrition.

I have also added in a greens powder to give an extra boost to my nutrition. The greens powder I went with is a Beauty Greens powder from Morlife… for once a greens powder that doesn’t taste terrible. I get the Beauty Green – Juicy Mango.


When I made the decision to get my body back I just started walking and it wasn’t enough, although a great starting point. I am lucky enough to have a personal training in my group of friends. Mel Neilsen PT has great programs at affordable prices, Mel is also a mother so understands the struggle of finding time to exercise and what the body goes through after birth. Mel is extremely supportive and motivating and works out along with you for that extra motivation. Check her out on Instragm to start your fitness journey today.

I have just completed Mel’s 12 days of Christmas and I am into my second round. In January I will be starting a 4 week program and await what else Mel has in store for the new year.

I have also been incorporating in some yoga to help stretch out after some of the more intense workouts. I have just been following Yoga with Adriene on YouTube she has a variety of videos ranging from beginners to advanced.

Starting Point:

When I was heavily pregnant with Millie I was roughly around 86kg. In then first month I dropped to 78kg and stopped. I started walking and trying to eat better but I kept getting stuck in the mind set of having to eat for two.

When Mel started her 12 days of Christmas I commented saying “yes” like yes this is a great idea not yes I’m doing it… but I’m so glad I did. I am on round two of the 12 days just to keep me going until the new year.

We started the 12 days on the 9th so I weighed and measured myself and was horrified at what I saw. Other then being pregnant this is the biggest I have been in my life, keeping in mind I was still under 50kg when I finished high school.

On Monday 9th December 2019:
Weight: 78.6kg
Chest: 102cm
Waist: 91cm
Belly: 110cm
Thigh: 72cm

Results so far:

23rd December 2019:

Weight: 76kg (-2.6kg)
Chest: 95.5cm (irrelevant)
Waist: 87.5cm (-3.5cm)
Belly: 107.5 (-2.5cm)
Hips: 116cm
Thigh: 70cm (-2cm)

So far so good… I will keep working hard and hopefully even better results will follow. It is a process that might take a while but I am on my way.

If you are in the same boat after having your babies, don’t be hard on yourself and take your time, check in with a women’s health physio and take it one day at a time. If you need support or an accountability partner I am here for you as my friends are here for me.

Just as it takes a village to raise our children it can take a village for us to reach our goals. Mums supporting mums!